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My Dentist has recommended a crown, what does this entail?

When you have a tooth requiring restoration one option is a crown.

If your tooth has lost its original filling a crown is an excellent way to save your tooth by protecting it against future decay and restoring full functionality. A crown can repair damaged surfaces and protects against future wear and tear.

Your tooth may have also been fractured or cracked. A crown can be placed over a broken tooth to return the tooth to its functional state.

A crown involves preparatory steps and must be coordinated with an external lab facility which fabricates the crown. You will need to book two appointments with our office to have treatment completed.

A crown can benefit you in the following ways: * It covers and protects the tooth. * It is a durable cosmetic tooth enhancement * The inner core buffers the crown against heavy biting pressures * The outer porcelain layer is matched to the color of natural tooth enamel

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