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Dentistry on Sinclair is committed to providing excellence in dentistry in an honest and caring environment.

dental-service-georgetownDentistry on Sinclair in Georgetown and Acton Ontario offers a consultative approach to smile enhancement and oral health. Our team can help you realize the smile of your dreams all while achieving lasting oral health through regular appointments and best practices at home. First impressions mean everything and a beautiful, healthy smile says it all.

When you visit Dentistry on Sinclair, you can always count on a friendly and welcoming environment. Our dedicated staff are committed to providing excellent customer service and care, and our state-of-the-art technology ensures you are receiving the highest quality in dental care with the most proven techniques.

It is with this in mind that we say to every one of our patients…

“A healthy smile, A healthier you!”


Georgetown’s Trusted, Family-Friendly Dentistry

  • <span>Sedation</span>


    At Dentistry on Sinclair your comfort is of utmost importance to us. We understand that for some, dental treatment can be a source of anxiety and for this…

  • Wisdom <span>Teeth</span>

    Wisdom Teeth

    Also known as the Third Molars, wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt at the back of the mouth.  They are called wisdom teeth due to the timing with…

  • Baby Bottle <span>Tooth Decay</span>

    Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

    A.k.a. Early Childhood Caries (cavities), Nursing Caries or Nursing-bottle Syndrome Baby-bottle tooth decay is a serious, but preventable, condition. It can…

  • Kids <span>Play Area</span>

    Kids Play Area

    At Dentistry on Sinclair we strive to create a welcoming environment for children. We want to ensure that children enjoy their time at the dentist and want to…

  • How to <span>Brush & Floss</span>

    How to Brush & Floss

    While this sounds simple most children and many parents don’t brush properly. The technique we propose, as well as the instructions that we have given have…

  • High Risk <span>Caries</span>

    High Risk Caries

    Each and every time we eat any form of carbohydrate the sugars present in food  mix with the bacteria in our mouth to produce an acid attack on our teeth. It…

  • Tooth <span>Decay</span>

    Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay occurs when the sugars from food/drinks that we consume react with the bacteria found in plaque, causing an acid attack on the enamel (hard outer…

  • <span>Fillings</span>


    A cavity is caused when bacteria creates a hole in the hard surfaces of your teeth. The damaged tooth material needs to be removed and it is replaced with a…