Restorative Dental Services

For Decaying, Aching, or Damaged Teeth, Our Restorative Services Can Help Give You a Strong, Functional Oral System Again.

At Dentistry on Sinclair we are devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile while using state of the art procedures that result in a beautiful, long lasting smile. From composite fillings to solutions for your missing teeth, we offer a variety of treatment options to restore or enhance your smile, not just for its look, but also for a healthy and strong oral structure.

  • Tooth <span>Decay</span>

    Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay occurs when the sugars from food/drinks that we consume react with the bacteria found in plaque, causing an acid attack on the enamel (hard outer…

  • <span>Fillings</span>


    A cavity is caused when bacteria creates a hole in the hard surfaces of your teeth. The damaged tooth material needs to be removed and it is replaced with a…

  • <span>Dentures</span>


    Partials and Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing while partial dentures are used…

  • Root <span>Canals</span>

    Root Canals

    A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a tooth when the dental pulp becomes infected or gets damaged. Why is a root canal needed? When a tooth becomes…

  • <span>Bridges</span>


    A bridge is dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. It is made up of two crowns called Abutments, with an artificial tooth (or teeth)…

  • <span>Crowns</span>


    A crown is a dental restoration that is made to protect damaged, decayed, broken, or discoloured teeth. The crown covers the entire tooth and strengthens the…


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