Custom Sports Mouthguards

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Sports Canada reports that overall, 69 percent of Canadian youth participate in organized sports.  In any sport, whether it’s full-contact hockey or a friendly game of soccer, a little preparation can prevent costly and sometimes painful mistakes later on.

Any sport with a strong chance for contact with other participants or hard surfaces requires mouth protection. Players who participate in the following sports should wear mouthguards when practicing or competing:

  • basketball
  • baseball
  • football
  • hockey
  • in-line skating
  • lacrosse
  • martial arts
  • racquetball
  • soccer
  • squash
  • rugby
  • wrestling

Many athletes resist wearing a mouthguard because of bulkiness and poor fit.  Custom-made mouthguards are the most comfortable, non-bulky and form-fitting.  This leads to increased use and fewer injuries.

Dentistry on Sinclair can provide you with a custom-made mouthguard.  We require a fifteen minute appointment to take a model of the teeth and the mouthguard will be ready for pick-up the next day. This method provides the best fit, protection and comfort.